About Komadix

“While looking for a new career choice, Dan and his amazing staff gave me the time, guidance and support I needed to feel confident in my job search. Next, Dan’s team helped me land a high-profile position with a Fortune 50 company negotiating a favorable employee package. Komadix is my go to provider of choice for all my job search and/or staffing needs.”

Shane W.Global Innovation and IoT Leader

“What I find to be impressive in working with Komadix is their ability to not just find people who match my technical requirements but who also have the soft skills needed to be a successful part of the team.  Dan understands what I look for and doesn’t waste my time which keeps Komadix at the top of my list.”

Andrew S.VP of Information Technology

“The accuracy and detail of information Komadix provides allows for continued success.  Equally important is the open communication and easy to work process.  Dan has proven to be dependable and it’s truly a pleasure to work with someone in this industry who genuinely cares about people, not just the bottom line.  FHT is proud to be a staffing partner.”

Michele W.President FHT

“Great people.  Extremely thorough and professional.  In my job search, Dan and his team were helpful every step of the way.  Expectations were set and met, I was well prepared, and they took the time to work with me.  Once adding to my staff – 3 resumes sent, 2 hires made, 100% satisfied.  Komadix gets it, and gets it done.”

Steve C. US ERP & IT Manager